Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flawless Fate #3: On the road again...

Well not necessarily "on the road" again, but I'm currently visiting my parents at home so I obviously didn't want to bring all my bottles with me. And I usually had the policy of using trips as an excuse to use all of the free samples I accumulate but I'm all out of cleanser samples so I decided to figure out a way to bring it with me.

I went to London Drugs, my favorite drugstore now! (Gooodbyeeeee Shoppers!) and bought these four tiny bottles:

They're perfect for traveling! They each can carry 3 oz. but I think I only maybe put an once in each because most of my bottles are 5-7 ounces, so if I filled them, it would be from 60% to 42% of my TOTAL bottle, and I don't think I'm going to go through that on a long weekend.

This is what I used them for:
- Nivea Visage cleanser for Normal to Combination skin
- Nivea Toner for Normal to Combination Skin
- Tres Seme Shampoo (silky)
- Tres Seme Conditioner (silky)

And then I brought my "estee lauder night cream" 14-day sample.

These are perfect for flights as they fit into the new liquid requirements.

My only con is that the cleanser is hard to get out because I didn't fill it and it's a gel.

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