Friday, March 26, 2010

Clean & Clear: Morning Burst In Shower Facial Review

Soo I bought this last Saturday after hearing good reviews about it, and I used it on Sunday and my skin was fine. There wasn't any major change and then I used it again on Wednesday (3 FULL days later) and it said "Use 1-3 times a week" so I figured, about 2 times a week would be fine, BAD idea. I used it right when I got up and it really irritated my skin! My face was splotchy red and it did NOT look pretty, I ended up having to pack on the concealer in order to hide all the redness. I wasn't impressed.

I understand it's an exfoliator but I'm not sure why it was so irritating the second time, and it's too bad it's not less abrasive for regular use.

I'll try using it again next Wednesday (I'm going to wait a FULL week!)

UPDATE: I'm using it again and it seems to be fine for my skin, I use it 3 times a week, with 2-3 days in between, and my skin isn't becoming raw, I recommend giving your skin some time if you don't exfoliate that often, but afterwords, my skin had less of a harsh effect and you can use it more often.

Also, I made myself another honey facemask tonight, my skin feels so soft!

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