Monday, March 22, 2010

Honey, Honey, Honey!

I'm currently in LOVE with honey! So I just thought that I would list some of the amazing benefits of this miracle ingredient. (Obviously I'm not saying to eat it to excess, doing that with any food is a bad idea)

- way better than sugar!! or artificial sweeteners. Basically, it's the best sweetener out there.
- if you take a spoonful at night before bed (and obviously before brushing your teeth) it actually helps you LOSE weight because it gets your liver working (increasing metabolism) without having to digest anything.
- Honey + Cinnamon + Boiled Water = Delicious!!
- It will NEVER expire! (It's already been digested by bees so it's not chemicals thats making it indestructible.
- the beauty uses of it
- can be used in a face mask (makes your skin feel soo soft)
- can be used as a lip conditioner
- anti-aging.

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