Friday, May 14, 2010

Flawless Fate #4: Toner, I love you once more.

I have a love-hate relationship with toner.

LOVE: I used up my small clinique 3-step sample and I loved it! But I was super broke and didn't want to spend the money on it so I never bought it.

HATE: I bought L'Oreal's and it did not do wonders for my skin.

HATE: I bought Khiel's and again...nothing special happened for me.

HATE: I bought Nivea Visage's Toner since I like their cleanser so much and was not impressed, my skin started to get all raw and red and it was not pretty :(

LOVE: I tried my Nivea Visage Toner again and I love it!! I think the trick is to ONLY use it on the parts of your face that are oily (I'm looking at you chin).

So why am I loving it so much right now? I just dab a little bit on a cotton ball, and swipe it along the oily parts of my skin or where it's been bad lately, like my chin, and I know that most people have oily T-zones but I've said T-zone is perfect...I hope that stays that way. And then I'm done. I don't let it anywhere near my T-zone or my cheeks (where I've never had any problem with breakouts), just my chin and nose-sides. Then I moisturize underneath my eyes and cheeks and forehead and I'm done.

I'm also thinking about mixing things up with my combination skin, like buying cleanser for "dry skin" for the dry parts of my skin, and using the "normal to combination" cleanser on the other parts, this seems like an extra step though that I might want to skip.

Either way, my face is looking good. (or, better!)

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