Thursday, May 20, 2010

What it means to be Canadian

There are a lot of benefits to being Canadian if beauty is your game (or your hobby).
1) MAC Cosmetics is Canadian
2) We have a couple exclusive brands.
3) We live in a BEAUTIFUL country with every season (we get winter!)

But there are also some downsides..
1) We don't have target, walgreens, etc. and until recently, didn't really have a lot of Sephora (we still don't)
2) Sephora's online prices are inconvenient (they're in American)
3) Shipping gets ridiculously expensive to get it across the border.

SO. This blog is here to be a consumer's guide to Canadian Beauty. I'm not going to talk about things that you can only order online from the US and then will have to pay through the teeth in shipping.

Canadianly Charmed

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